Brent Allen (Bette Midler, Barbra Streisand) was born in LA and grew up in Orange County, California. Like many other cast members, he knew that he wanted to be in show business from the time he was little. His singing talents first emerged when he joined the church choir, and there is a touch of the angelic choirboy in him still.

    His first foray into female impersonation was when a friend dared him to enter a talent contest. He entered as Judy Garland—and won! This made him think about a career in the growing impressionist field.

    He added Bette Midler, Elton John, Sophie Tucker and Mae West to his characters. But, Brent does not simply lip-synch (as he does flawlessly in An Evening at La Cage) but sings and speaks live in various shows. He garnered rave reviews for his live talents when he toured in Jimmy Emerson’s Unboylievable Follies. He also toured with Emerson for a couple of seasons in a two-man show that he describes as “one hell of a lot of work, but great fun.”

    Although he did develop and star in a one-man show, he found it not only tiring but lonely. He prefers to work with an ensemble cast.

    His first gig with La Cage was in the LA show, which was a huge hit. In 1995, he had the pleasure of working with David Hasslehoff in an episode of Baywatch in which Hasslehoff gets in drag. He has done other TV work and has an idea in development for a TV show.

    After La Cage closed in 2009, he decided to hang up his high heel shoes and retire. But, show business was not done with him, and Emerson convinced him to return to the show—much to the delight of his other friends in the cast!

    He enjoys collecting movie memorabilia from the ’30s and ’40s, redecorating his house and relaxing with a close circle of friends.

    Jimmy Emerson ( Host, Wynonna, Tammy Spraynet, Madonna and more) has the unbridled talent to create larger-than-life tributes to female pulchritude and celebrity excess in his outrageous satires of Wynonna, Roseanne, Madonna and Britney Spears, as well as with his original characters, especially the queen of country trailer-trash, Tammy Spraynette.

    But, his talents extend far beyond the edges of the stage, and as the chief executive of Starr Pro Productions, LLC, he is not only the star but the producer-director of An Evening at La Cage at the Four Queens Hotel & Casino.

    Even as Jimmy Emerson built a successful career as a performer—with credits that include over 20 years as the comedy lead in the Las Vegas An Evening at La Cage at the Riviera—he realized that he had a knack for producing and directing. For years, the two career paths have complimented each other as Jimmy expanded his talents in the production end of the business.

    The idea for Starr Pro Productions was born in 1994 when Jimmy produced and starred in Un-BOY-lievable Follies in Wendover, Nevada. Starr Pro became a reality in 1996 when Jimmy produced the Vegas touring show La Cage Follies 

    For seven years, he produced four revue shows a year for Northern Quest Casino in Spokane, Washington. These hugely successful endeavors include Vegas Nights (comedy revue), Showstoppers and Showstoppers II (Broadway amalgamations), Born Divas (a salute to Motown), and a revamped and updated Bottoms Up (the venerable show that was the longest running comedy revue in the world).

    He also produces hugely popular murder mystery shows that have been performed internationally. One of his productions in Las Vegas was the Vegas premiere of the of the New York hit musical Naked Boys Singing.

    Jimmy has also continued his work with the different charities he works for. In the past he has had a chance to work with such stars as Celine Dion, Liza Minnelli, Rip Taylor, Sheena Easton, Gladys Knight, George Wallace, Penn & Teller, Clint Holmes and Breck Wall, just to mention a few. Jimmy Emerson Website

    Frankie Kein (Liza Minnelli, Marilyn Monroe) is considered to be a genius in his genre by international critics. To watch Frankie pay tribute to stars such as Julie Andrews, Marilyn Monroe and Liza Minnelli is an unforgettable experience.

    Born in Havana, he immigrated with his parents to the US at an early age and has become a star in the field of female impersonation in both the American and Latin American worlds, as well as making his mark in Europe and Asia.

    From a very early age, Frankie entertained his friends, putting on puppet shows, playing a small accordion and imitating television celebrities.

    He prepared for a career on stage musically and physically. Besides studying piano, he trained in theatre arts at Dade Community College and was in the corps de ballet of Miami’s Ballet Concerto Company.

    In 1984, producers Irving and Kenneth Feld (Siegfried and Roy’s Beyond Belief, Disney on Ice, Barnum , etc.) were so impressed with the amazing abilities of Frankie Kein and Manuel Arte that they produced the extravaganza One of a Kind to showcase their talents. One of a Kind played for five consecutive years to full houses of delighted audiences at the Marco Polo Hotel, becoming the longest running show in Miami Beach. The show also played for a year at the Desert Inn in Las Vegas.

    Frankie’s tribute to Liza Minnelli, Forever Liza, played to a tremendous response in over 20 theatres in South Florida. In 2007 Frankie had the distinction of performing for Liza Minnelli at an invitation-only gala held in her honor in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Liza joined Frankie after the show and embraced him warmly. When a delighted Frankie blurted out, “I love you,” a smiling Liza replied, “I love you too!”

    He has traveled extensively with his shows and performed in major cities in the United States, including Las Vegas, Lake Tahoe, Atlantic City, Chicago and New Orleans. His International appearances include Buenos Aires, Sao Paulo, Tokyo, Cancún , Madrid, Copenhagen, Barcelona and many, many more, including extensive tours of Argentina, Chile, Colombia and Venezuela. Frankie Kein Videos

    Carlos Rodriguez (Lady GaGa, Jennifer Lopez & Madonna), a native of El Salvador, was raised in California from the age of 10, and started his dance training at age 17. He studied at Santa Ana College and the ADF School in North Carolina. While there he performed works by David Dorfman, Donald McKayle, Gail Gilbert, and Andrea Woods.

    As his career progressed, he realized that he had a knack for taking on and expressing characters and began to hone his craft as a female impersonator.

    Carlos has also performed works by Heather Gillette as an American College Dance Festival Gala Finalist. Other credits include performances with Dance Touring Ensemble (Orange County), Notoriety Inc., Pasadena City Ballet, Collage Dance Theatre, Ptero Dance Theater, APAP and Dancers Responding to AIDS in NYC, and Fusion Dance Theatre.

    Currently he is a member of Oni Dance and Regina Klenjoski Dance Co., where he is a teacher for RKDC’s residency and is a guest choreographer for SAC. Carlos was recently nominated for the best male performer award by the Beverly Hills Outlook.

    Kenneth Rex (Dolly Parton, Britney Spears, Katy Perry) was born in Fremont, California to a show biz family and trained for the stage from the time he was a toddler. After appearing in the first season of The Tyra Banks Show as Gwen Stefani, he has appeared on both coasts and in Vegas as various divas, including. Madonna, Cher, Dolly Parton, Britney Spears and even Katy Perry.

    A four-time Lester Horton Dance Award nominee, he won in 2006 for Best Male Performer. 




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