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There have been great female impersonators over the years, and amazing female impersonation shows, but An Evening at La Cage is undoubtedly the most famous female impersonator show ever, having played to over five million people around the globe.

Jimmy Emerson is the current star of La Cage and has appeared in the show on three continents, as well as appearing as the comedy lead of La Cage at the Riviera in Las Vegas for almost a quarter of a century.

Back by popular demand , La Cage has taken on a new vibrancy and has added more comedic moments to an already spectacular show. Fast-paced and full of astounding illusions, An Evening at La Cage is a perfect night out of entertainment.

An Evening at La Cage continues to astound, delight and entertain its audiences with mind-blowing impressions of the top entertainers in America, including  Liza Minnelli, Lady Gaga, Barbra Streisand, Carrie Underwood, Madonna, Reba McEntire, Jennifer Lopez, and many more.

An Evening at La Cage is produced Norbert Aleman.


The History of La Cage


An Evening at La Cage began in November 1980 when producer and entrepreneur Lou Paciocco opened La Cage Aux Folles

(a restaurant/nightclub) in New York. The stellar review at the club, featuring top-notch female impersonators, was an instant smash hit. People lined up nightly to get in, and such greats as Ethel Merman and Rock Hudson quickly became regulars.

Next stop Hollywood. April 18, 1981, marked the outrageous opening of La Cage Aux Folles in West Hollywood. The critics, the public and the who’s who of Hollywood all fell in love with La Cage, and they couldn’t believe their eyes as such luminaries as Diana Ross, Marilyn Monroe, Cher, Bette Midler, Tina Turner and many, many more were recreated by talented actor-entertainers with such precision that it was difficult to tell whether they were watching an illusion or the real thing!

The next thing Lou knew, it was as though the floodgates had opened, and offers to open An Evening at La Cage around the country were coming in left, right and center.

In 1982, An Evening at La Cage opened in Atlantic City for a thirteen-week contact and went on to become the first ever show to have a ten-year run in Atlantic City. From there, An Evening at La Cage went on to thrill audiences in Las Vegas and Miami Beach. An Evening at La Cage drew phenomenal attention and was featured on Geraldo, Oprah, Johnny Carson, and many more.

In 1985, Lou joined forces with producer Norbert Aleman who built a custom showroom at the Riviera Hotel on the Strip in Las Vegas to host the very popular show. An Evening at La Cage/Las Vegas Cast opened—and played continuously to enthusiastic audiences for almost a quarter of a century, most of which starred Frank Marino.

Returning to An Evening at La Cage now at the The Riviera Hotel and Casino are veterans Jimmy Emerson (Atlantic City, Aruba, London and Las Vegas), Brent Allen (Los Angeles and Las Vegas, Ryan Zink (Las Vegas). Joining them is the legendary Frankie Kein and new cast members Carlos Rodriguez and Kenneth Rex who are now part of one of the most formidable shows in history and certainly the most famous female impersonator show in the world.



  • 2012 – La Cage comes home to the Las Vegas Strip at the The Riviera Hotel and Casino, starring Jimmy Emerson.

  • 2011 – La Cage reopens DOWNTOWN Las Vegas at The Four Queens starring Jimmy Emerson.

    2010 - La Cage tours The United States and Canada.

  • 2009 - La Cage tours Europe and Asia.

  • 2008 – La Cage adds all new productions and includes Britney and JLo in the character line-up

  • 2007 – La Cage cast members appear in Sandra Bullock movie Miss Congeniality 2

  • 2006 – La Cage headliner receives star on the Vegas Walk of Fame

  • 2005 – La Cage celebrates 20 Years on the Las Vegas Strip

  • 2003 – La Cage receives Longest Running Production Show award

  • 2002 – La Cage tours Canada

  • 2001 – La Cage tours Brazil

  • 2000 – La Cage celebrates 15 years on the Las Vegas Strip

  • 1999 – La Cage opens in London’s West End

  • 1997 – La Cage receives Best Show award from city of Las Vegas

  • 1996 – La Cage opens new company  in Biloxi Mississippi

  • 1995 – La cage celebrates 10 years on the Strip

  • 1993 – Norbert Aleman buys out Lou Paciocco

  • 1992 – La Cage celebrates 10 years in Atlantic City

  • 1990 – La Cage tours Japan

  • 1989 – La Cage opens second company on the island of Aruba

  • 1988 -  La Cage cast members appear on the Donahue show

  • 1987 – La Cage signs indefinite contract with Rivera Hotel

  • 1986 – La Cage celebrates one year of sold out crowds

  • 1985 – La Cage opens in Las Vegas to rave reviews



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